Kitsap Community Chorale

The Chorale schedule is divided into two concert seasons: Winter and Spring.

Membership dues are $60.00 per season for adults, $30.00 per season for students and are non-refundable.  We accept cash, credit, and checks (payable to "KCC").  

Additionally, concert tickets provide the largest portion of our income.  Each member of the Chorale is expected to sell (or purchase and give away) a minimum of 4 tickets per season.

It is not our desire for cost to be a roadblock to those who wish to join us, so a limited number of scholarships will be available. Contact the Director or a member of the Board for more information.

Music and folders

​​​KCC provides all sheet music for use each season.  Music must be returned to KCC following the last performance.

​Members need to supply their own 3-ring binder with a non-glossy, black cover and pencils with erasers for marking music during rehearsal.
Concert Attire

Men are asked to wear black tuxes (or black suits) with tux shirt and bow ties, and solid black shoes with black socks.

Women are asked to wear mid-calf to floor length black dresses, skirts or floor length black dress pants. Women's outfits should have a modest neckline, be all black, including nylons/tights, and be no shorter than 3/4 length sleeves.​​  Shoes should be comfortable to wear for standing on risers.

Rehearsal Expectations​​​​
  • Attendance at weekly rehearsal is expected, barring illness or an emergency. 
  • Clear your calendar for performance dates
  • Come prepared for rehearsal (use links/tracks provided to practice on your own)
  • Be a positive influence to those around you
  • ​We rehearse in a tight space so please no cologne, perfume, strong tobacco or other odors.


 The primary goal of the audition process is to assure that all choir members are able to match pitch, carry their own part, and have the necessary range to sing in their section. Beyond that, the choir is open to all levels of musical ability:​ high school student to adult.​​​​​​​ For an audition appointment contact our director.
Rehearsal Time and Location

***KCC is on hiatus for the 2020 fall/winter season.​***

The chorale rehearses Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm at:

​​Adventure of Faith​ Church
4705 Jackson Ave. SE
Port Orcha​​rd, WA

​​There may be sectional rehearsals following Sunday rehearsals as needed. (8:00-9:00pm)
KCC with special guests Olalla Honor Choir students

photo credit Mr. Paparazzi​